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Diamond Ring

Sell Your Diamonds Easily

DS Recycling gives you the best offer and honest prices for your valuables.

No hidden fees.

Instantly Sell Your

We buy Diamond Standard Coins and Bars. See our current offer, paid same day in USD by bank wire or ACH:

You must self-report any profit or capital gain.

We do not provide a 1099-B or 1099-MISC to US based sellers.

Diamond Standard Coins

Fungible Commodity

Diamond Standard Bars

Fungible Commodity

Diamond Standard Coins and Bars
Diamond Jewelry
Coming Soon
Loose Diamonds
Coming Soon

Items we buy

Our appraisal experts provide the best possible offers for the items you aim to sell — Diamond Standard Coins and Bars, pre-owned diamond jewelry (coming soon) and loose diamonds (coming soon) with carat weight from 0.18 to 2.05 ct.

Additional Information

Learn more about how to sell your Diamond Standard Coins and Bars


Diamond Standard Recycling LLC is a licensed Secondhand Dealer based on New York City, NY. We purchase natural diamonds, jewelry containing natural diamonds, and Diamond Standard Coins and Bars to source diamonds for the production of Diamond Standard commodities. We do not sell diamonds or commodities.

While our recycling center is under construction, we only purchase immediately deliverable Diamond Standard Coins and Bars, which are in the custody of Brinks in Delaware, administered by DS Admin Trust.


To recycle your commodities, log in using your Diamond Standard Co. dashboard credentials. Owners of Diamond Standard commodities held by Brinks have already passed the KYC and AML review by Diamond Standard Ltd. and are pre-approved to sell their commodities to Diamond Standard Recycling (subject to review).


The price quoted on our website is indicative only, and each transaction is subject to a final quote and mutual approval, and an e-signed sale agreement. We purchase commodities for U.S. Dollars, and pay within 24 hours (generally same day) via Fedwire or SWIFT. We do not handle cash.

The title of the receiving bank account must match the name of the registered owner of the commodities, or be approved after a KYC review proves the recipient account is the same ultimate beneficial owner.

IMPORTANT — Tax Reporting

Diamond Standard Recycling is purchasing your tangible personal property located in the United States. We are not a broker, exchange or money transmitter. As such, we are unable to provide U.S. persons with a 1099 or any other tax reporting, nor the equivalent for international sellers.

U.S. Persons are obligated to self-report any profits or capital gains on their sale of Diamond Standard commodities, or the assets used to purchase them.

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