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Your starting point in selling diamonds

We guarantee the most accurate prices and a risk-free environment for selling your valuables to us via our fast and simple process.

No hidden or additional fees
No middleman
Get paid in days
Diamond Standard Coins and Bars
Diamond Jewelry
Coming Soon
Loose Diamonds
Coming Soon

Items we buy

Our appraisal experts provide the best possible offers for the items you aim to sell — Diamond Standard Coins and Bars, pre-owned diamond jewelry (coming soon) and loose diamonds (coming soon) with carat weight from 0.18 to 2.05 ct.

Easy Process

When you sell with Diamond Standard Recycling, we ensure that you receive the best prices. Our diamond appraisal process is simple and safe.

Setup an Appointment


Start your diamond recycling journey by scheduling an appointment with us. This step ensures we can cater to your needs at a time that suits you best. Remember, we serve clients within the U.S.

Speak to Representative


After scheduling, you'll chat with one of our appraisal experts. They'll discuss your diamonds and provide a fair and honest price. This step ensures you get the best value for your items.

Finalize Deal


Once you've agreed on a price, we finalize the deal. We ensure a smooth transaction process, with payment made directly to your bank account within 24 hours. This step seals the deal, turning your diamonds into cash quickly and securely.

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